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Author: Fabio Erculiani <[email protected]>

Contact: [email protected]

Copyright: Fabio Erculiani

License: GPL-2

Entropy Package Manager Server Main Interfaces.

ServerRepositoryStatus is a singleton containing the status of server-side repositories. It is used to determine if repository has been modified (tainted) or has been revision bumped already. Revision bumps are automatic and happen on the very first data "commit". Every repository features a revision number which is stored into the "packages.db.revision" file. Only server-side (or community) repositories are subject to this automation (revision file update on commit).

Server-side Repositories status information container.
This class represents the installed packages repository and is a direct subclass of EntropyRepository.
This class handles the repository update across all the configured mirrors.
  __package__ = 'entropy.server.interfaces'