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Author: Fabio Erculiani <[email protected]>

Contact: [email protected]

Copyright: Fabio Erculiani

License: GPL-2

Entropy Framework repository database module. Entropy repositories (server and client) are implemented as relational databases. Currently, EntropyRepository class is the object that wraps sqlite3 database queries and repository logic: there are no more abstractions between the two because there is only one implementation available at this time. In future, entropy.db will feature more backends such as MySQL embedded, SparQL, remote repositories support via TCP socket, etc. This will require a new layer between the repository interface now offered by EntropyRepository and the underlying data retrieval logic. Every repository interface available inherits from EntropyRepository class and has to reimplement its own Schema subclass and its get_init method (see EntropyRepository documentation for more information).

EntropyRepository is the sqlite3 implementation of the repository interface, as written above.


EntropySQLiteRepository implements SQLite3 based storage.
EntropyMySQLRepository implements MySQL based storage.
Tiny singleton-based helper class used by EntropyRepository in order to keep cached items in RAM.